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Ignite! 2022 Summer Dance Intensive Enrollment

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

IGNITE! Summer Dance Training 2022

Ignite! Summer Dance Training begins July 11th with a series of training courses for students ages 3 and older. Each training course will include in depth instruction in several dance disciplines including Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Jazz, Modern, Conditioning, Hip Hop, Core Strength & Flexibility.

Summer training courses have traditionally been our dancers’ springboard to excellence for the fall semester. Participation in summer courses:

  • Builds muscle memory for exceptional technique through intense hours of practice

  • Further breaks down explanation of basic steps to allow a more masterful grasp of dance movements

  • Breeds confidence as students practice and perfect steps in the off season.

Each year, students who attend summer training emerge as leaders at Glory & Grace Dance and earn placement in upper level courses.

While Ignite! will certainly challenge and improve each dancer’s technical and performance ability the series will also provide opportunities for spiritual growth. Dance instruction will be occasionally

infused with devotions based on Biblical truths. Sound technical instruction and development of artistry are unashamedly directed towards the worship of Christ Jesus! To this end, Ignite! hopes to instill a desire to learn more about God and His ways through planned devotions, spiritual songs and discussions.

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